Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hood Scoop

I am installing a hood scoop to clear the new engine for 2011.  I bought a L88 scoop styled after early '70s big block Corvettes. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How it All Started

Stock form, back on the road.

The car is a 1990 Corvette Z51 coupe.  It was purchased from a junkyard after having been rear ended, and fixed up. It made a very nice street car in all stock form, but the more I learned and the faster I got, the faster I wanted to go.  I have been racing it in NCCC Time Trial events, Autocrosses, and various HPDEs since 2005.  It remained in stock form for several years until the need for more met a budget that allowed it t happen.  Since then it has undergone some suspension changes, engine upgrades, and weight reduction.

It still sports the factory TPI L98, but the cam has been upgraded to a ZZ4 crate engine cam, and it has headers with a custom made dual 3" exhaust.  I did some mild porting on the stock TPI components but it didnt seem to help much.  The rear end has been upgraded to a fully heim jointed suspension by Banski Motorsports.  I shaved the spring pads on the front spring, and used some longer spring bolts on the rear to lower the car about 2" or so.  Once I started getting serious about doing some NASA Time Trials I removed item that were no longer needed by a race car, AC AIR system, stock seats, etc.

It is now being prepped for NASA TTA competition and soon wheel to wheel racing.  I am starting to build a full TTA engine, and remove everything from the interior to make room for a cage.

This is how it looks in it most recent form.